Stocking Vixen (above) and I created Backseam Enterprises in 2010 to serve the large community of readers, writers and models who love good writing and photography focused on hosiery and BDSM.

The original Backseam website morphed into Clippette (a clip site) and then into the Backseam Tumblr, with nearly 20,000 followers. Nylon Whispers followed, where you can find the finest curated nylon and BDSM photography anywhere. There is also a publishing division (Backseam Press), where I hope to attract long-form projects by writers of erotic fiction for publication as e-books.

And here is Backseam once again - this time as a showcase for fine erotic writing, with an emphasis, as always, on hosiery and BDSM (with photos and other fun stuff from time to time!)

There will be special posts exclusively for paid subscribers, and a regular flow of posts for everyone.

There will be writing here from the perspectives of both a male Dominant and a female submissive. I like that, and I think you will too.

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Nick Danger